Christmas is just around the corner! Do you have enough gifts? Send a Santa Video! There is enough time to create one in minutes and send it via email instantly! Make the holiday season so much brighter for a child.

Santa comes alive in this video. Great for toddler and small tots who love to watch videos, even the older kids will giggle with glee. A kid will watch the Santa Video in rapt fascination. The child will surely want to replay the Santa Video so many times - and it doesn't have to be Christmas for them to enjoy viewing it.

The magic comes alive with Santa Video- and you can be a part of creating it!

This is such a unique gift! To create a Santa Video only takes 3 steps which are to upload an image, choose the Santa, and to pick the music.

There are many Santas to choose from. In one video, Santa is drinking milk. Look at the various kinds of Santa actions to pick from. It will be so much fun for you to make the video, and there is no technical know-how needed.

With Christmas so near, there is hardly anytime to go shopping. The stores are jammed pack. Ordering gifts online - well, shipping is costly and maybe what you are sending won't get delivered to the child on time. Well, there are no checkout lines at  Santa Video and since it can be emailed instantly, is a great gift to give.

If you have been wondering what you can buy right away and send instantly, a Santa Video is it!

Imagine how happy a child will be when they watch Santa coming into their home, seeing their picture with Santa, and maybe with their pet or family.

Try creating a Santa Video right now. It's free to try and you will love what you see.