For special occasions and events, get your family or friends something unique and delectable. Edible items, beautifully arranged in baskets and boxes, make wonderful gift items for those special people in your life. Pittman and Davis is an 80-year old family company that has been in the business of delivering wonderfully luscious orchard fresh fruits, smoked meats, cheeses, pastries, candies, and other food gift items.

You can be sure that when you choose Pittman and Davis food baskets or fruit boxes, you are choosing the very best for the people who will receive these. Pittman and Davis raises fruits under the most stringent conditions and fruits are ripened on the trees. Trees are carefully pruned, fed, and watered to bring out the best produce. Despite that care, only a small percentage of their citrus crops actually get handpicked and chosen for size, quality and ripeness. Once a fruit is selected, it is individually hand-wrapped in gift paper, packed and sent within hours to your recipient’s address so that it gets there as fresh as when it was picked from the tree. Their juicy sweet comice pears, apples and other gift fruit are shipped from the Northwest. Their smoked meats are all premium grade – slowly and naturally smoked the old, traditional way. Their selection of baked goods and pastries are baked in small batches to retain the quality of each piece and shipped bakery fresh as well.

At Pittman and Davis, you can choose from sweet navel oranges, ruby red grapefruit, Texas grapefruit, and other seasonal fruits as well such as pears, clementines, tangelos and others. Aside from cheese and candy gift items, you can also order nut gifts like pistachios from Pittman and Davis. And if you want something that isn’t edible, they also have flowers and plants that can be given as gifts.

Send gifts from Pittman and Davis to your family and friends and let them know they deserve only the best.

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