Your precious photographs can now be printed on canvas, beautifully framed and hung on any wall with Piktor Perfekt. Beautiful memories need not be relegated to photo albums that are hardly opened, or left somewhere in the hard disk of your computer. Great family events or special moments like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, family outings and many more such wonderful events can now be proudly hung on your walls or propped with Piktor Perfekt's ready-made stand on fireplace mantles or on top of tables.

The Piktor Perfekt kit includes: 4 pcs high quality-made canvasses; 3 plastic-mounting frames, and 3 detachable stands. The high-quality, printer-compatible canvas allows you to send any picture to the printer and print out vibrant colors directly on the canvas. Because the frames are flexible, it is so easy to stretch the canvas around the edges. The frames are pre-taped so all you need to do is strip off the protective plastic of the tapes, press the canvas edges against them to hold them in place and you're ready! Pictures can be hung in portrait or landscape mode. Or if you'd rather have them on a table or desk, attach one of the stands. Every finished product of Piktor Perfekt takes only less than 3 minutes -- from printing the picture on canvas to framing it.

Because it is so easy to print and frame pictures with Piktor Perfekt, you can fill your home's walls with your family pictures easily and at less cost than having them framed by professional framers. In fact, Piktor Perfect is perfect also for framing office photos! Surprise family and friends as well and frame pictures of them using Piktor Perfect and give these to them as gifts on special occasions. They would love something so personal and thoughtful. Get Piktor Perfekt for yourself or gift them to special people. Picture framing has never been easier.