When you send flowers, don’t just choose any flower shop.  Many flower growers use pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers that lead to long-term damage to the soil and add pollutants to the air. Organic Bouquet is the first socially and environmentally responsible online florist that offers fresh, varied organic flowers for personal occasions or corporate events.

At Organic Bouquet, they ensure that the entire process -- from growing flowers to arranging and packaging the floral bouquet for delivery -- all adhere to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. All their products, including the non-flower ones, have been certified by third-party agencies such as the USDA, Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance, to be eco-friendly. The flowers are grown in ways that will not harm the earth, the bees and pollinators as well as the farm growers and their families. When your recipients receive flower bouquets from you and see that it came from Organic Bouquet, they don’t just get your message of love, gratitude, appreciation or thanks. You are also telling them that you care enough about the earth and the environment by selecting an organic florist. This is sure to make a big impression on whoever you are giving the flowers to.

Send Organic Bouquet flowers for any  special occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, weddings or as holiday gifts. Each bouquet will get to your recipient fresh and wrapped in beautiful recyclable packaging. Not only do you send a special message with each bouquet you order but every time you do so, you are also helping Organic Bouquet’s different compassionate organizations such as EarthShare, Green America, Project Hope, The Nature Conservancy and many more. Organic Bouquet delivers to all 50 states and as fast as overnight delivery.

Send beautiful, fresh bouquets of flowers while helping support businesses that ensure sustainability, environment friendliness and care in growing flowers. With Organic Bouquet, send perfectly beautiful florals to your loved ones and bring huge smiles to their faces.