If you’re the happy owner of an Amazon Kindle, iPhone, Macbook, Nook, Sony e-reader or Flip Camcorder, you probably also love checking out different cases and accessories that manufacturers come up with for your device.  There is a lot of creativity and functionality out in the market today and it can sometimes get very confusing as to which one is the best for your gadget. Octovo cases and accessories are specially designed for those who live the techno-luxury lifestyle – those who want great-looking products of the highest quality and functionality for their collection of tech babies. They look great and work well with your tech device.

Octovo knows exactly what its clientele want and ensures that each product it makes has the exact specifications for each gadget and works as promised. Take Octovo’s Solis, its e-reader light specifically to enhance your Kindle 2 experience. It’s made of sturdy, high-end, robust aluminum to the exact specifications of the Kindle 2. When you insert it above the Kindle, it fits snugly so it doesn’t wiggle or fall off. It has a plastic mount with inner rubber ‘humps’ to protect the Kindle from scratches. Ergonomics was considered as the Solis swivels out to turn on the light and swivels back in for storage and portability.

If you have an iPhone 3G or 3Gs, Octovo has ribbon and snap-in cases. The ribbon cases are made from handcrafter Italian leather. The embossing is very detailed and precise with a sleek finish. No seams or stitching are visible and your phone easily slides in and out with scratching due to its microfiber inner lining. The snap case is also made of the same Italian leather and comes with soft microfiber lining as well. To hold the phone in place, it has a snap button made of stainless steel that crosses from the back to the front. And for your Macbook Air, Octovo has a leather sleeve made of Italian leather and microfiber-lined to add elegance to the look of your laptop. You can choose between the plain or embossed sleeves.

Always step out with your gadgets in style and elegance with Octovo. They are slim and lightweight, functional and great-looking from any angle. It’s an accessory any gadget lover would love to own.

Order from Octovo at www.octovo.com