Little girls like having dolls to play with and share with friends. No matter what type of doll it is, dolls never fail to delight a child’s heart. But what if you can give her a doll that is different from the regular ones; say a doll that looks just like her? Each doll, individually made with love and care creates these precious gifts. With My Twinn Doll, your little girl can now have her own look-alike doll to enjoy, read this My Twinn Doll review - and see how much care is put into making these wonderful dolls.

The popular My Twinn Doll is customized to look just like your little princess! My Twinn Doll is designed for girls 3-12 years old and is carefully handcrafted using high quality phthalate-free vinyl material for a nice texture. This 23” doll is also designed to be poseable so it can bend and move in various ways. It can wave and hug and is even capable of doing the splits.

To purchase a My Twin Doll for your little one, you need to visit the My Twinn site and click on its custom doll designer option. To start customizing your child’s My Twinn Doll, you need to choose the skin, hair, and eye color. Very fair to brown skin colors are available. There are ten available hair colors to choose from such as dark blonde, bright red, golden brown, black and several others. For the eye color, there are nine available eye colors including blue, green, brown, and dark brown.

Next is to customize the hair length, texture, and the style. For the hair length, you can choose to have it short, shoulder-length, high back-length, or any of the length options provided. Hair texture can be very straight or tight curls all over or even coarse African-American. You simply choose which of the six hair textures you prefer. Various hair styles are also available including ponytail and pigtails to mention a few. If you prefer a bang style, you can choose if you want the pie-shaped or wispy bangs. You can also choose not to have one.

After you’re done with the physical features, you can now choose the doll outfit. You can pick one from the six outfits provided. There is also an option to buy matching girl outfit.

For a closer resemblance, you can also indicate if you want to add freckles, birthmarks, or moles to your doll. If you say yes, you have to send your completed freckling sheet first before the artists can start working on your doll.

You also need to submit your child’s photo before your doll can be created. You can send the photo either electronically or by mail. However for faster service, submitting the photo electronically is advised.

You can choose to receive two heart earring sets with your order in addition to the doll ear piercing service. However these accessories are optional so you can always say no if you do not want to. Optional accessories you can also add include the Doll’s Pink Hair Care Kit, Doll Backpack, Doll’s Storage Closet, the Doll’s Pink Sunglasses, and several others.

Once you’re done, you can click the Add to Cart button and the items are now ready for check-out.

If you are looking for that perfect gift to give to your little princess, then the My Twinn Doll is the right pick. My Twinn Doll is so beautifully made that your daughter will definitely have fun playing tea parties or dress up with her friends.

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