Be one of the limited owners of a special release of 3,678 U.S. Government Morgan Coins. These are Morgan silver dollars containing .900 fine silver, the last unreleased batch of its kind. Each coin is about 91-134 years old. What a collector’s item this will be. Unlike some Morgan silver dollars that may be out in the market but worn out, the Morgan Coins are in mint condition as they are uncirculated. And each silver dollar comes with a Certificate of Authenticity so you know you’re getting the real thing.

Morgan Coins were minted in the late 1800s to the early 1900s and named after their designer, George T. Morgan. Because silver’s price has been soaring, hundreds of millions of these Morgan Coins have already been melted down for their silver content during the last two world wars. Profiteers also melted down many of these coins, thus reducing the number of such coins in existence. These Morgan Coins are some of the last originals and you could be one of the owners of such a limited quantity of similar coins.

Think about silver as a long-term investment. The last time silver hit $50, China was still an underdeveloped nation. Now, China is a growing superpower and uses three times as much silver. Will that eventually mean an upsurge in silver prices? Possible. And your Morgan Coins can become even more valuable in the future than it would cost to buy them at today’s prices.

Morgan Coins have not been minted in more than 90 years and are no longer in circulation. You will be owning a piece of American history. Each coin shows Miss Liberty’s profile on the obverse side and a majestic eagle with spread wings on the reverse side. You are assured of the genuineness of these Morgan Coins because each one comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the National Collector’s Mint.

Order your very own Morgan Coins now and be the proud owner of a piece of American heritage that you and your family will be so happy to have.