The Money Clamp series offers a stylish, quality line of accessories for all those polishing their business look or just looking for a touch of finesse to complete their accessories. The Zurich Money Clamp is the series's most successful representative and comes in two models, Gunmetal and Silver. The crafting is solid and opulent, being perfectly in sync with the famous and rich European city with the same name. If you're successful or getting there, don't be shy to show it by using the Zurich model and assorted wallet.

If you're more low profile and the Italian fashion is your thing, then the Milan model is just what you need. Slick and stylish, goes perfectly together with your heightened fashion sense and desire to make a good impression. You're a man of the world and you fit in any culture. Then you should go for the Geneva collection that, like the city named after, is a model of multicultural inspiration, that is both comfortable, flexible and has a discrete finish, making it a perfect choice for the seasoned traveler.

Your wallet can be a real hassle if you're out every night, flying from crowded clubs to chic, private parties. The Cocktail Collection offers a wide chromatic range to perfectly match with your outfit and a minimalist design that lets you be a dance floor legend.

You can also choose to customize your Money Clamp and wallet in order to make a perfect gift or to give your business the class it deserves. Imagine all your employees having wallets and money clamps that are engraved at the highest quality with the logo of your company.

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