momAgendaIf you're a Mom, you know how things can get pretty hectic when you have kids. Balancing activities, remembering every kid's activities as well as planning your day around these can really get tricky. Don't you just wish you had a handy way of organizing your days so everything is literally in your hands? Executive planners just don't cut it as they contain sections that are not relevant to being a mommy or simply do not fit the way a mom goes about her day-to-day tasks. Nina Restieri, a former ad executive who decided to become a stay-at-home mom, put up momAgenda. Being a mom herself, she designed planners, organizers, notepads and accessories specifically with mommies in mind.

A busy mom will definitely love momAgenda. Day planners come bookbound or spiral-bound and are available in colors like bright hot pink, embossed zebra design and have a crocodile skin texture. Calendars come in both monthly and weekly views so that you can see a month at a glance or check your week ahead in greater detail. The pages have planning spaces for you and up to four kids as and inspirational quotes in each page can really brighten up your day. Instead of business planners that have irrelevant information in the front and back, momAgenda planners and organizers have useful stuff like your favorite websites, toll-free numbers, emergency numbers, holidays and more. There are different kinds of organizers at momAgenda including a kitchen folio to keep all the paperwork your kids bring home as well as their school menus. The School Years organizer is perfect because it holds everything your child does in a schoolyear, with a place for a report card, school pictures, and samples of school work. Don't worry about refills. They have them right at the momAgenda site.

With momAgenda, you'll see how much more organized and clear your weeks and months will become. Never have to forget a kid's game or doctor's appointment ever again. They're even perfect as gifts for your mom friends.

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