Get to know the untold childhood stories of the King of Pop through this Michael Jackson Book Offer. Entitled “Never Can Say Goodbye”, this beautiful book contains the stories of Michael Jackson’s childhood as told by his mother, Kathleen Jackson, so that the world may get a chance to know the less valued side of Michael that people never knew before.

It contains stories that go beyond the often exaggerated and misunderstood versions of the media. It contains stories that lay bare truths known only to those close to him.

The Michael Jackson Book Offer contains information from the first interview of Michael Jackson’s mother since his death. She hoped that with this book, people would understand her son for who he truly was, and also learn about his background so that people can form in their minds, an image of him in all his kindness. It is also homage to him and all the good he has done for others, and to acknowledge all the good deeds, hopes and wishes he had for the world. This book is also a way for his family and friends to remember the special bond and memories they had with him. And you can be part of that special group of people with special memories of Michael Jackson.

When you avail of the Michael Jackson Book Offer, you get not only the book but also a DVD. You will also receive a 16-month calendar containing special pictures from Michael Jackson’s best concert performances so that you will never forget the legacy he left behind and “Never Can Say Goodbye”. From his family's personal archives, you will get 150 pages of never-before-seen photos of Michael and his family as well as a never-before-seen video footage of Michael Jackson’s last birthday wish.

Get a chance to re-assess the man from all the new insights you gain from the book and the DVD. Relieve your memories of him and share in the cherishing of Michael Jackson, not as an artist, but as a man who was a good father, good son, and a good person. Be one of the privileged people who already own a book that is unlike other biography books written about the King of Pop because it was written by none other than one of his own family members - his mother.

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