Lionel Train WatchWhy go for the conventional and the classic when you can go for the unique and interesting? Want to be that someone different who has something that no one else has? Want to own something that other people didn’t know could exist? Presenting the Lionel Train Watch, an officially licensed collector’s edition watch with an actual moving train inside the watch. It includes the ability to play amazing lifelike train sounds at the push of a button. You’ll definitely not tire of your watch, and you will also be able to catch the attention of the people around you as you present to them your one-of-a-kind watch.

With its precision quarts movement, the Lionel Train Watch is a wonderful gift for children and train enthusiasts. It’s not simply something that looks good, it also really works so you can look forward to looking at the time. This Lionel Train Watch includes a brilliant goldtone case and rich brown leather strap that make it even more classic to look at. It’s like owning a timepiece that’s so modern yet so old-style. It’s so much more than just a timepiece.

Bring to life your love of trains as you wear and show off your watch. The smooth moving, smooth gliding of the train along the tracks makes for an interesting mini-train at the tip of your fingers. Watch as it comes alive not only through its movement, but also as you hear the whistle blowing as it moves through your watch. Watch as with each passing minute, you watch the train glide through the numbers, chugging and whistling as it passes by. Trick people into thinking there’s a real train somewhere near when in fact, it’s your Lionel Train Watch that’s moving about. Even as time passes by, you’ll have your watch that feels like it’s stuck in time. Forever a classic, forever trustworthy.

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