International Star RegistryDo you have a person on your list that has absolutely everything, but that you want to surprise with an incredible gift for a special occasion? The International Star Registry lets you give them a gift like no other, a gift that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Having a star named after someone through the International Star Registry is a gift that can’t be over shadowed and your recipient will get more than just the knowledge that their star is out there. Within each of the different packages available from the International Star Registry, recipients get a personalized sky chart that contains the name, date and location of the star named for them and they also get a beautiful color certificate with all of the pertinent information, including the star’s exact coordinates.

Star RegistryThe Custom Package from International Star registry is the most affordable way to bestow upon someone the most amazing and out of this world (literally) gift possible, but there are options available to suit every taste and every budget.

For a truly special or once in a lifetime occasion, you need to give a gift that will make an impact and there isn’t much out there that can create more of an impact than having a star named after someone. The International Star Registry has been naming stars for people for more than three decades, everyone from superstar celebrities to world leaders and now you can give that incredible gift to someone that is really special to you.

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