The International Bible Society is known worldwide for its mission of spreading the Good News by providing low-cost bibles to organizations on mission to reach out to those who have not heard of God as well as to individuals. Now, the International Bible Society has an online site where you can choose from a wide variety of bibles for yourself or to give out as gifts on birthdays, weddings, christening, and other special occasions. These bibles are not just the ordinary ones you can find in bookstores. They also have specialty bibles for different people.

The website of International Bible Society can be searched by product, language, or target ministry. When you click on 'Product' you will see that they carry full bibles, New Testament bibles only, bible portions, leaflets, booklets and even multimedia books. Their bibles come in either English or Spanish, which makes it easier for you to give bibles to Spanish-speaking friends or relatives. The bibles of International Bible Society also have areas with specific focus so that studying God's Word becomes even more personal to the reader. The category 'Target Ministry' precisely helps you select just that right bible. Some bibles are directed to people in business or interested in sports; other bibles have been simplified for children and youth; still others are meant for counselling; and there are other categories like books on discipleship, devotions and many more. Their gift bibles are great for special occasions like birthdays, weddings or christenings. While most of their bibles come in simple covers, they do offer premium bibles that are leather-bound as well -- great for those extra special occasions when you want to give a more expensive but spiritual present. For the multimedia friend, electronic bibles are the way to go. And for senior citizens or visually impaired friends, give them large-print bibles. International Bible Society now goes beyond just bibles, offering missional books and ebooks as well that serve to inspire and encourage the spread of God’s Word.

Give the gift of God’s Word and inspire your friends and family. Own your very own premium bible as well. At the International Bible Society, you always find the bible that you will need.

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