What the best trick or treat?

A surprise Halloween plant. A real plant that grows to reveal a secret message. A complete growing kit, what will be shown when it grows are the words "HAPPY HALLOWEEN".

It's the most amazing trick or treat to give to the kids – and even adults will love the Halloween Plant.

The Halloween Plant is easy to grow. All that has to be done is to water it. This growing kit is unique.

The decorative container that contains the growing medium and seed is covered. When ready to start growing the plant, open the lid and add water. After a few days, the plant will sprout. Then it becomes bigger. In 10 days, the message will magically appear.

A superlative treat that will be surely the best one that anyone can give. Be different this Halloween. Imagine, how happy any child will be to receive a Halloween Plant and the excitement that they have as they watch it grow.

And when the message is revealed – how ecstatic would that kid be? It's going to be one of the most unforgettable moments of their lives when they see the words HAPPY HALLOWEEN on their secret message plant!

Nature's Greeting Plants

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