When it comes to finding gifts for my mother I have always had the hardest time. She is difficult for anyone to shop for, but it seems that I have always had the hardest time. For quite a few years I went to just purchasing her gift cards from her favorite stores. I'm not usually for gift cards because they seem so impersonal to me, but what else was I supposed to do when I can tell that my mom never likes what I buy for her? She always tells me that she just wants something meaningful, so I have tried getting her meaningful gifts, but I can still tell that she is always less than thrilled with them. She tries to act happy, but she's not the best actress.

Then last year I found the Family Stone Ring web site and I decided to give it a try. I really liked the rings and they did look like my mom's taste. What could be more meaningful and thoughtful than getting her a ring that has the birthstones of her children? I went ahead and purchased the jewelry savings plan on the web site and that enabled me to actually get my mom's ring for free. I had intended on purchasing it for her when I first laid eyes on it, but I was glad that I didn't have to. Especially knowing how picky she is and that she may not even like it.

When the ring arrived I looked it over and I was very impressed with the quality. It was a gorgeous ring with no flaws in it. I gave it to my mom on her birthday and she actually liked it! More than that, she seemed to love it! Another great thing is that I am now a part of a savings plan that I know I will be taking advantage of quite a bit. I love to do online shopping and I love jewelry, so this was the perfect thing for me.

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