Free Halloween and Christmas décor when you order Door Delights. Decorating with these is quick and easy. Door Delights are PVC decorated magnets that can be placed on the front door, the garage door, the refrigerator, and even on the car.

Transform a bare area into an amazing display with these magnetic décor for Halloween and during the holiday season.

Decorating your home is a must for Halloween and Christmas season. It helps makes the place look warm and welcoming.

Yet, it takes so much time to decorate with ordinary décor. Hanging up those things isn't easy. Some even have to be installed and plugged in. Place aside the ladder and tools as you won't need it to decorate with Door Delights.

These Door Delights are unique magnetic decorations that only take second to place up. Be done in a jiffy as you just stick them on. Nearly effortless, placing these will be a breeze.

If you want to, it is possible to decorate with these at the very last minute. Surprise your kids and the neighbors on Halloween morning if you put these up the night before. What they will see is a home that has been magically decorated with Door Delights.

Give yourself a treat this Halloween. Let Door Delights do the decorating trick. If you're too busy or too lazy to place up decor, then these magnetic ones are the solution for you. Kick back and relax because you can do your decorating fast. After all, it is going to be a holiday and you need a break too. Why break your back?

If you are into decorating and do take the time and effort, there is hardly anything that you can place on your garage door or your vehicle. Only Door Delights can be put on any garage door and it wont interfere with it's operation. Stick them on your car so it will be the coolest vehicle in town as you drive the kids around to go trick or treating.

For a limited time, Door Delights has an extra special Halloween offer for all the readers of Jenny Reviews.

For each order of a set of 20 Door Delights, you will be given 38 Door Delights more for FREE. That's a total of 58 pieces for less than $20

Use Door Delights to decorate fast. Click here for more details.