Deluxe Welcome Wagon BoyWhen you are invited to a friends baby shower you won't want to bring just any old gift that everyone else will be bringing, you will want to show up with something that will make a big hit with the parents, as well as everyone else. You should take a look at the Deluxe Welcome Wagon Boy, it is as unique of a gift as you could possibly find that has everything that a great baby shower gift should, and much more! When you want to go above and beyond those all too common baby gifts, you will want to walk in to the baby shower toting this surprisingly impressive gift.

The Deluxe Welcome Wagon Boy is a little red wagon that will serve as a wonderful gift for the baby boy when it gets a little older. The wagon is packed with great items such as a hooded terry cloth towel, a terry velour bath time bag, an undergarment, a receiving blanket, an adorable teddy bear, one terry cloth bib and burp pad, a baseball cap, a brush and comb set, one embroidered hat, a pacifier, a rattle, two super soft toys, and one 8 ounce bottle. As you can see, this gift has many gifts in it that are all very useful and adorable at the same time.

Another great thing about the Deluxe Welcome Wagon Boy is that everything will arrive beautifully packaged and displayed. This gift will arrive already neatly packed together and ready for you to present to the expectant mom at her baby shower. You will want to make sure that the parents already know that they are expecting a boy because this gift is geared more towards a boy with the blue coloring in which it is designed with. This is a baby shower gift that the child will still enjoy as it gets older.

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