Be one of the proud owners of a coin that represents a time in American history celebrating the wild, beloved spirit of our national origins. The Buffalo Tribute Proof – 2011 is a true tribute to that original 1913 Buffalo Nickel, also known as the American Indian Head Nickel. Own the Buffalo Tribute Proof – 2011, a recreation of the first .9999 fine 24-karat gold coin, the purest gold coin ever minted in America.

The Buffalo Tribute Proof – 2011 honors the original coin’s designer, James Earle Fraser. On one side of the coin is a bison named Black Diamond, a resident of the New York Central Park Zoo; on the flip side of the coin is a composite profile of members of the Big Tree, Iron Tail, and Two Moons Indian tribes. The National Collector’s Mint’s private, non-monetary minting recreates Fraser’s design in perfect detail. Each Buffalo Tribute Proof – 2011 comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity which certifies that each piece is clad in 14 mgs of pure 24KT gold, is proof struck and is based on Fraser’s Buffalo Nickel.

The Buffalo Tribute Proof – 2011 is reflective of the original coin’s being a popular collector’s item. At one time, the original coin’s production was stopped due to a shortage of specially-made gold blanks and the dirt mound under Black Diamon’s feet had to be reduced to conserve the gold. But now, you can reserve and own your very own Buffalo Tribute Proof – 2011 to honor not just the popularity of the Buffalo Nickel but to commemorate all that it represented. It represents a coin that is probably one of the best examples of design in minting history. Your family will love to start a tradition of coin collecting when they see just how beautifully made the Buffalo Tribute Proof – 2011 is.

Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of history in a beautifully made tribute coin that contains 24K gold. The Buffalo Tribute Proof – 2011 will be an outstanding addition to your home – something you can proudly display and use as a discussion piece with friends.

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