bebeSounds-Nasal-ClearIt is very difficult for parents to handle very young children who have a bad cold and are unable to blow the mucus out. Children get very irritable due to their clogged and runny noses and the evenings are the worse as they cannot get to sleep right away, are very fussy and also keep you awake as well. There are devices in the market that allow you to suck out the clogged mucus from the comfort of your home, such as manual aspirators. They work but they also tire you out because you have to manually press the rubber bulb to activate the sucking motion. Kids also often hate these aspirators and struggle a lot when confronted with these devices. Check out BébéSounds Nasal Clear, the new battery-operated nasal aspirator that not only efficiently sucks out mucus but emits pleasant sounds that distracts your child and minimizes fussing.

The BébéSounds Nasal Clear runs on two AA batteries and comes with 2 different nose tips to fit different nostril sizes as well as varied congestion conditions. The nasal tips are made of soft silicone so it is soft and gentle when inserted into the child’s nostril. It’s so easy to handle. Because of its greater suction power compared to manual aspirators, you need not ram the BébéSounds Nasal Clear inside the nose; instead you just hold it at the opening. The best feature is that it comes with 12 different sounds to distract your child. Instead of pushing the aspirator away, your child may even help you hold it as he listens to the different tunes being played.

The BébéSounds Nasal Clear can be easily disassembled for washing in warm, soapy water and is dishwasher-safe as well. The two nasal tips also come with their own bag for easy storage.

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