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You will want to go to the Baby Gift Station web site and take a look at all of the infant clothing that they have. You will see many different styles of sleep time wear that comes in gift sets. Some of these sets include the sleepwear, a cap, and a matching blanket. You will be able to choose one that has a specific animal print on it, or that comes in the color of your choice. You will want to take a look at the giraffe set, it has a pretty brown neutral coloring that would work for a boy or a girl and it has the sweetest looking giraffe printed on it.

If you really want to purchase the new parents that you know the best baby gift ever, then you will want to go to the Baby Gift Station and get them the baby footprints or hand prints kit. This kit will allow the new parents to be able to make a print of their new baby's feet or hands. This is a great way for them to decorate the baby's room, or to just make themselves a very special keepsake. Most new parents really love this kit and will be very appreciative when they receive it as a gift from you.

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