masala_chai_smIf you want to sample some authentic Indian Chai, the Yogic Chai, with their refreshing variations, should do the trick for you. Pick from their signature blends of Black Tea Masala Chai, Green Tea Masala Chai or Medicinal Masala Chai among a host of others. Then there is the all time favorite original Masala Chai and some interesting innovations like Coconut Masala Chai.

Genuine Indian Masala Chai is not really the Chai Tea Latte that you get at fancy coffee shops in the United States (which are nothing but concentrates) but a blend that is made with real spices and tea.

Headed by an expert herbalist Ricardo Da Costa, Yogi Chai Masala Chai is a concoction of authentic ingredients such as real cardamom, ginger, cloves and cinnamon. And the nicest part of the deal is that they make every blend on order to retain the aroma and freshness of the herbs. Yogi Chai is also known for using 100% organic and natural ingredients along with Fair trade Assam, White Tea and Rooibos. You can be assured your Chai is not dunked with any artificial or even natural flavoring. There are only copious organic ingredients with most of them possessing an assortment of medicinal properties.

The Yogi Chai brand was born out of Ricardo’s disappointment at not being able to feast on real Chai like the one he had savored back in India. Left with no choice to give vent to his overpowering craving, the herbalist took it upon himself to create original tea blends to give the local population a taste of the real Indian Chai legacy.

The expert Yogi Chai Organic Masala Chai family has by now ingeniously mastered the art of complementing and blending the flavors so perfectly that you can actually experience the distinct essence of every ingredient without the taste being overpowered by any single flavor.