What's the best way to remove corks from champagne and wine bottles?

The Wine Mastique removes a cork so well that it can be placed back. It is called "The World's Smartest and Easiest Corkscrew". There are many reasons why this special corkscrew has garnered this excellent reputation.

This corkscrew got rigorously tested by wine consultant Andrea Simeck for the "Does It Work?" news segment of the WVEC website. It passed the test with flying colors. Here is her feedback:

The Worlds Smartest and Easiest Corkscrew

*It has an instruction sheet with pictures
*It was not as confusing and cumbersome as some other corkscrews
*It is light weight and feels great
*It can spiral down and come up easily
*It has the key factor to opening older Bordeaux wines
*It works and she was really impressed

Has you ever had the cork break as you where opening a bottle of wine with an ordinary corkscrew? Did you need to exert a lot effort to pull up the cork? Had some left over wine that you had wanted to place aside for the next day?

What did you do in such situations? Some push down or try to extract the cork by force. There are those who have to ask for help in opening a bottle of wine. The leftover wine is usually thrown away as it can't be covered with the same cork because it is crumbling from the force that pulled it out.

The solution to these common cork removal problems is to use the ergonomically designed Wine Mastique. Lever up the cork smoothly. Reverse the process to seal the bottle.

For those who like to drink champagne and wine, and those who run establishments such as restaurants that would need to open several bottles, the Wine Mastique is the ideal tool to use.

A Wine Mastique set includes a table top display, a foil cutter, and an extra corkscrew plus has a give-away cheese knife. This set has all you need and a bit more extra. It makes an excellent gift for wine lovers or those who have a bar. Open champagne and wine easily and re-cork it with your new Wine Mastique.

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