For the best brew, this Mr Coffee review presents you with the latest products of this popular brand. Would you like coffee or tea? Mr Coffee has specialty coffee machines, coffee grinders, ice tea makers, and accessories for you to easily prepare the world's favorite beverages.

Mr. Coffee, one of the registered trademark of Sunbeam Products, has automatic-drip kitchen coffee machines and other beverage makers. The first Mr. Coffee coffee maker which came out in 1972 was created with the aid of two Westinghouse engineers, leading the way in automatic drip coffee machines, as before, we only had coffee percolators.

The Mr. Coffee advertisement featuring the famous baseball player Joe DiMaggio came out in 1973 - and they sold over a million of these automated coffee makers by 1974. You might remember having seen this Mr. Coffee ad!

Mr. Coffee - Coffee Machines Reinvented

The coffee percolator became obsolete when Mr. Coffee made the first drip coffee machine. The company constantly produces better coffee makers and accessories to make brewing great coffee a lot easier, faster, and with of new features for a more awesome coffee experience.

Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker

Hot and fast, this Mr. Coffee maker won a Red Star Award in 2010 and an Appliance Magazine EID Award in 2011.

Flavor extraction at its finest, it is programmable, has a removable water reservoir, filters the water, and the unique Pause 'n Serve feature.

4-Cup Switch Coffeemaker

This inexpensive coffee maker costs less than 20 dollars.

With the durability and better brewing power that Mr. Coffee is known for,  this is the best choice to make for the once that want a coffee maker and get best value for their money.

It has the Pause 'n Serve so you may pour a cup of while it is still brewing, a removable filter insert for easy filling and cleaning, dual water windows to see the amount of water in the reservoir, and a stain-resistant warming plate.

8-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker

The unique double walled stainless steel carafe keeps your coffee hot for many hours.

It also features the Pause 'n Serve, dual water windows, removable filters, plus an auto shut off.

4-Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

Make specialty coffee with the variable steam control and frothing aid of this coffee maker which includes a scoop and tamping tool in the package.

The steamed milk created by this coffee maker is perfect for making latte or cappuccino.

With a 3-way select knob, one can brew and froth at the same time or separate the process.

2-Quart Iced Tea and Iced Coffee Maker

Freshly brewed iced tea is so much more refreshing and healthier than those instant drinks.

Now, your favorite tea can be brewed fast - and you can make iced coffee, too.

With the fantastic brewer that has a removable steeping basket, serve the cool beverages that you make in a wonderful Mr. Coffee pitcher.

Mr. Coffee: For The Best Brew

Mr. Coffee has a number of coffee machines for you to choose from. For home use to large facilities, the ease of use and cleaning plus the features that make drinking coffee a sensational experience - pick depending on the cup size, what kind of beverages you want to make, and the features you wish to have. A truly American invention, the maker of the first drip coffee maker, the brand that has given us billions of cups of great coffee is Mr. Coffee.

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