The Mobe Flask is the new beverage flask perfect to use for hard drinks. Unlike those old stainless steel flasks, the Mobe Flask contours to the body and is matte black.

Great to take along to sneak in your favorite alcohol when clubbing or watching an event. Great to have ready when you want to take a shot. This Mobe Flask review will introduce you a beverage container that is a tippler's delight.

The typical beverage drink flask design has been around since the time of your great-grandfather. To bring those stainless steel or leather covered ones into places where drinks are expensive or not allowed, those are usually either tucked into the waistband of the pants or placed in the back pocket.

Those old flasks made of stainless steel is cold against the body and bulge to make it obvious that you have one hidden away. When you take it out, the steel will reflect the lights in the club so you have got to hide your glass under the table to refill it or take a drink on the sly. The cover has to be twisted off and may get misplaced or lost.

Place that old drink flask aside to make way for the new one.  Enjoy your drink the hassle free way. Reduce the risks of getting seen as having smuggled in a drink as this one doesn't bulge or shine. Take a shot with the ergonomically designed Mobe Flask.

Fill it up without having to use a spout as the mouth of this beverage flask is large enough to chug the drink into it. Don’t waste a drop of whiskey, rum, or vodka. Place in any kind of hard drink, liqueur, or mixed cocktails into your new beverage flask.

Enjoy freedom of movement. Comfort is yours because it has a cushioned liner. Use the retractable clip to hang it on the belt band or a bag that neatly hides away when it''s not needed.

Drinking from this flask is easier. Flip it open to take a drink or pour the contents into a glass. If your tired of having to twist off and misplacing the cover, the flip top cover eliminates those irritating issues.

When what’s inside is gone, it empties flat. Handy, stylish, the Mobe Flask helps you save a lot of money as you can spike the Coke that you order in the club with rum, the juice with vodka, or get away with just drink water cause you have got shots of Blue Label Johnny Walker, Grey Goose Vodka, Jose Cuervo Tequila, or Wild Turkey Whiskey.

Order using this Mobe Flask reviews offer and get another one for Free. For only $12.95 that you get 2 covers, 2 Flip top spouts, and 6 liners.

Get your new beverage flasks to use and to give away. It’s the coolest way to take along your favorite drink.