Want to Make Beer? There are DIY kits for those who want to make and drink their own beer! It's the perfect gift to a beer lover. A fun thing to do that is worthwhile.  A project that has a product that is well-loved.

Why buy beer to stock up when you can make your own? If you drink a lot, owning your own mini brewery can amount to savings. If you're having a party, the homemade brew is surely going to be a hit.

6 gallons different kinds of beer from DIY kits such as Ginger Beer, Lager, European Lager, Draught, Real Ale, Dark Ale, Australian Pale Ale, Stout, or English Bitter for only $18.99:

For the color, a perfect foam, your preferred taste, and to get to drink and share your own homemade beer, Make Beer.

There is an upgraded DIY kit. For just $29.50, these kits have more of the fermentables and includes carbonation drops for bottling.

If that still isn't enough, for the one who would like to own their brewery, which was at $115 is now on SALE for only at $99.99, the complete Make Beer DIY kit includes the following:

Primary fermenter
Airlock and stopper
Plastic hose
Bottling bucket
Bottle brush
Bottle capper for glass bottles
Stick-on thermometer
Hopped malt concentrate kit

There is more so you can have all the stuff for a professional brewery when the initial supply that comes with each kit have been made and consumed. There are fermentables which are the brewing sugar supplies. You might also be needing extra malt extract. Glasses, extra bottles, sanitizier for the equipment, it's all for you to be able to Make Beer again and again!

If you want to have more than commercial bottled or can beer, do what the Germans do and brew your own.

How much does a bottle of beer cost? If you make your own, the cost gets lower. Imagine, 6 gallons of beer for less than $20. When you get the complete Make Beer DIY kit, the savings escalates. Make Beer and enjoy drinking it!

"In heaven there is no beer, that why we drink it here..."