organic spicesYou may not be aware of the fact that spices do have the highest dose (kilo Grays) in food because it is consumed in small amounts and are regulated by the FDA. Those non-organic spices and seasonings pass through a radiation beam that gives the dose.

We all are aware that many packaged food products undergo certain processes for it to be stored for a longer period of time. For it to keep, non-organic spices, seasonings, and herbs go through a sterilization process which entails the use of ethylene oxide, that's a chemical that has been identified to have ill effects on the nervous system and cause cancer to workers who are exposed to it extensively.

Organic spices and seasonings are free from toxic chemicals and hazardous pesticides and do not pass a radiation beam. These are sterilized using steam. Organic spices, seasonings, and herbs from Kaina Organics are fresher, taste better, have a stronger aroma, and the medicinal value is at its peak that non-organic spices, seasonings, and herbs.

Kaina Organics has nearly all kinds of herbs, spices, and seasonings from all over the world like Ceylon cinnamon. There are rubs and specialty salts such as the Himalayan Pink Salt and Cyprus Flake. There's all kinds of chili peppers like the Chipotle Morita and Habanero powders. You'll also find organic baking spices such as nutmeg and organic sugars like evaporated cane juice. This organic spice, seasonings, and herbs online store has over 150 spices and all-natural gourmet salts.

If one can avoid taking in what is bad completely, then a person should do so. With the awareness of what happens to non-organic spices and seasonings when being processed, aside from the fact that organic is much better, the choice is easy to buy from Kaina Organics where the world's best spices, seasonings, herbs, and gourmet salts may be bought at reasonable prices.