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Aaay, caramba! Chipolte, Jalapenos, and Habaneros peppers sauce at the original Hot Sauce Store and more! Me gusta Tequila Salsita! Si, no hombre should be without his hot sauce but was a big problem finding the right kind of hot sauce to buy as the other hot sauce stores have not much to choose from. But now I got to buy hot sauce at the original Hot Sauce Store and these are the kinds that I like.

I got surprised when I first went to this store to buy hot sauce cause I did not know that there was so many different kinds of hot sauces from all over the world.

Chili Peppers Hot Sauces at the original Hot Sauce StoreOf course, I buy the hot sauce that is my favorite from the time that I was a young boy and you know what, the hot sauce that I bought tasted exactly the way I remembered it when I used to have it all the time at mi abuela's home. Makes me remember when me and my cousins place a Habanero hot sauce into my uncle Paco's morning coffee! So I bought myself a couple of bottles of Habanero hot sauce and even added to my order some delicious spicy popcorn.

Since I was well stocked with my favorite hot sauces, I decided to go around shopping in the original Hot Sauce Store for more as you know, I was quite curious about what other chili peppers hot sauces tasted like. Even on my budget, I was able to buy a lot of hot sauces and started using other kinds of hot sauces to flavor my food.

I checked out the top 50 hot sauces and found a cheddar Queso one that I totally love to use as a dip on the potato chips that I bought. I have new and old favorites hot sauces now that I found what I think is the best among all the hot sauce stores.

Now, it is nearly my uncle Paco's birthday and I am going to send him a $100 Original Hot Sauce Store e-Gift card so he can enjoy the same kind of hot sauce we used to share at one table. When it comes to hot sauce stores, the original Hot Sauce Store is no. 1 for me!

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