Delicious fiber rich food.

Ward of food cravings, get a high intake of fiber, and enjoy a tasty treat. Gnu Bars are the great way to take in fiber. With different flavors, enter the new world that Gnu Foods offers you.

6 natural whole grains. Gnu Bars are made from whole grains - which are the better source of fiber plus it has nutrients, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and minerals. There’s more to Gnu Bars than ordinary fiber products as to add to the whole grains, it may contain fruits like apples, oranges, and plums.

7 delicious flavors. Gnu Bars are tasty and come with a range of flavors you will love. The combinations are varied to bring to your palate what you might be craving for. Cinnamon, ginger, coffee, chocolate chips, or peanut chunks - when you want to eat, grab a Gnu Bar. See the different flavors.

The health benefits of taking this functional food are well-known. Fiber helps you get to have regularity, lose weight, and more. Fiber is essential and instead of taking synthetic products, enjoy Gnu Bars.

Many of the health concerns that we have might have is because of a lack of fiber intake. With our hectic lifestyle, it is not always possible to eat the right amount of vegetables to provide us with roughage or consume the correct kind of food for our proper nutritional intake.

Snacking on Gnu Bars is like having a chocolate bar and other delicious snacks, but these are totally good for you - and may be eaten without the guilt knowing that they are nutritional food products.

The more Gnu Bars you order, the more discount you can get. Join the Joy of Fiber Club and have a regular supply of these fiber bars delivered monthly to your doorstep. Free shipping and a total savings of up to 30% can be yours by deciding to make the easiest commitment to look great and become healthy with Gnu Foods.

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