I just love ice cream. Name it, any flavor. I’ll go for it. Are you also one of those who just love ice cream? Well, eCreamery is just for us ice cream lovers. Here’s a dream come true – a chance to create customized ice cream and gelato using your favorite flavors. Your very own eCreamery concoction will come with its own mix-ins, packaging and even your very own ice cream name. How cool is that!

Off-the-shelf ice cream can get boring. After all, just how much excitement can you get from a plain vanilla or chocolate flavor? Sure, there are variations now that incorporate nuts, mallows, fruits, cheese and other ingredients but it seems that almost all brands of ice cream have thought of the same thing. So you find the almost the same variants across different brands. But just think – what if you could make up your very own combination and actually get to take it home? eCreamery lets you do just that.

Every day, eCreamery publishes 16 flavors available for the day. The first step is to decide if you want your base to be a sorbetto, gelato or ice cream. Next, choose two flavors as your personal combination from a long list of flavors. You also have the option to add in up to two mix-ins like almonds, blueberry swirls, Reese’s peanut butter cup, rainbow sprinkles and many more. Lastly, add that very personal touch of naming your very own concoction as well as choose between a 4- or 8-pint order.

eCreamery makes sure you have a smooth, creamy final product by precisely aging the base mix to prevent the formation of large crystals in the mix. The base mix plus your selected concoction is carefully mixed together and placed in eCreamery’s gourmet batch freezer. Here, the mix is alternately churned and frozen and since this type of freezer has less air than conventional ice cream freezers, the result is a smoother, creamier mix that brings out the intense flavors you chose. The finished product is packed in dry ice and shipped out to your door.

My last order from eCreamery was an ice cream base combining banana and French vanilla with some strawberry swirl mixed in with it. It came out even better than I imagined!

Try something different for once, ice cream lover. Experiment and bring out your creative cravings with the possibilities eCreamery gives you.