DeLonghi Coffee Maker

This DeLonghi Coffee Maker makes you become your own barista! DeLonghi Coffee Maker has their Prima Donna model which is the ideal coffee maker for those who want their espresso, latte, cappuccino, or macchiato to be perfect. The Prima Donna DeLonghi Coffee Maker does it right every single time. This DeLonghi Coffee Maker makes the most excellent cup of coffee fast. It brews rich, hot coffee from ground coffee or fresh coffee beans.

It's automatic and a complete coffee making system. Vary the settings of the DeLonghi Coffee Maker from the digital touch screen display for you to get the kind of grind that you want, the temperature of the water you wish, and how strong your coffee cup will be.

Enjoy this DeLonghi Coffee Maker review video of the advertisment of Prima Donna DeLonghi.

Set the time for it to get your coffee ready easily with your new Prima Donna DeLonghi Coffee Maker. When you wake up, your perfect cup is waiting to be dispensed at just the right temperature. You can pre-program the Prima Donna DeLonghi Coffee Maker to have your cup ready the way you want it. It also has a cup warmer to park you cup to retain it's heat until you are ready to drink it.

Prima Donna DeLonghi Coffee Maker has it's own coffee mill. This grinder is found inside the bean dispenser. You can choose among 7 settings for the how fine or how coarse you want your freshly ground coffee to be.

This DeLonghi Coffee Maker features special automatic milk functions. It dispense the correct amount of froth for your latte, cappuccino, or macchiato. The Prima Donna DeLonghi is the only coffee maker that can do this specific task because of it's patented technology. If you want to use it to make tea or hot chocolate, this DeLonghi Coffee Maker has a water spout that will produce hot water for up to a period of two minutes.

DeLonghi Coffee Maker ReviewEasy to clean, easy to use. Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee as often as you want with your new DeLonghi Coffee Maker.