Coffees of HawaiiDo you love coffee? Are you the type of person who has to start your day with a piping hot mug of freshly brewed coffee? If you are one of the millions of coffee lovers, you know that no day is complete without that hot cup. For people like you who enjoy your daily dose of coffee at the start of each day, flavor and aroma are very important ingredients to enjoying your coffee while reading the papers, watching TV or simply sitting down to a good breakfast.  You will then want to try Coffees of Hawaii.

Coffees of Hawaii is a collection of coffee varieties from different Hawaiian islands. There is Moloka'i coffee that comes in four types: espresso (made from arabica beans), muleskinner (a natural-dried, dark-roasted bean) and Island Princess (arabica coffee beans with a dash of premium Polynesian vanilla bean).  Maui coffee comes in dark roast and medium roast. And then there is Kona coffee, coming out of an area of Mauna Loa island which is very fertile due to volcanic soil, Hawaiian sunshine and daily wet weather.  These are not the only varieties you get from Coffees of Hawaii. They have come up with Tisane - coffee made from natural dried coffee cherry husks blended with five different Hawaiian ingredients: jasmine blossom green tea (known for its health benefits), lavender (to soothe and refresh you), lemon grass (used to aid in digetion, a muscle and tissue tonic and a detoxifier), Mamaki ginger (for cleansing the blood, detox, and stress relief), and papaya leaf vanilla (known to dissipate excess heat in the body). What's great about Tisane is that it contains even less caffeine in one cup than decaf.

Discover  a new coffee experience to add spice to your usual coffee time. Order your very own Coffees of Hawaii and find yourself looking forward even more to your coffee rush.

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