bossnovaBossa Nova Acai Berry Juice is amazing! I wanted to try switching from soda pop to something healthy and beneficial for my body, and when I heard about acai juice and its powerful natural antioxidants and vitamins I thought it was a great choice. After buying a few of the off brands and experimenting a bit I gave up. The off brands I tried I found that they are grainy and some have a bitter taste to them.

Well, one day while at a family event my brother handed me one and he swears by them. I told him my experience with trying all different brands and found that they all were unappealing; but as persistent as he was, I tried it. Bossa Nova brand Acai Berry juice is absolutely fantastic! I now started stocking my fridge with them and drink one ever morning right when I wake up. I personally feel that right in the morning is the best time to have one. Your stomach is pretty much empty in the morning and the Bossa Nova Acai Berry juice is very invigorating!

bossa nova juiceNow having done my routine for months I actually think about having my juice as soon as I open my eyes, and even salivate when I imagine how smooth it tastes! Now my only problem is motivating myself to make it down to the fridge to get one! Perhaps I should get a mini fridge next to my bed, lol... that way I can just roll over and chug one. Really, try the Bossa Nova brand Acai Berry juice, it gives me a rush of energy every morning; and now, like my brother, I swear by them too!

Bossa Nova has a variety of different Acai Berry juices to try. Each of them having different nutrients that are jam packed in each bottle. I am particularly interested in Bossa Nova’s Acai Berry juice with Acerola. I have been doing some research and found that it contains 20 times the vitamin C of oranges. Here is the most interesting information I found, the micro nutrients in the juice are what they call “helper molecules”.

These micro nutrients actually increase your body’s ability to absorb and use the vitamin C in the juice! I use to take a vitamin pill supplement every morning and found that vitamins in a pill form may say that they contain all these different percentages of vitamins, and they do... But what they don’t tell you is that the amount of vitamins you actually absorb into your body is only fractions of what is actually contained in the pills. Your body’s ability to actually absorb these nutrients is limited by the receptors that absorb them.

acai berriesThe micro nutrients naturally found in the Bossa Nova Acai Berry juice actually increase the function of those receptors! It’s no joke! Do some research yourself into the benefits of Acai Berry juice, and try Bossa Nova’s variety of super fruit flavors. And if you don’t have the time to investigate into the amazing benefits, just try it! It absolutely amazing how it has transformed my everyday life just by drinking one everyday right in the morning. I fell so strongly about the way it transformed me and even the way I feel mentally that I want to share my experience with the world!

Really, try what I did, drink one right when you wake up in the morning before having anything else; after a week I am sure that you too will be posting your wonderful experience with those that you care about most. I feel so energetic throughout the rest of the day, there isn’t a moment in my day when I feel fatigued and I am on my feet all day as a stay at home mom with two young children that constantly need me at my best!