Beer of the month clubTrying and falling in love with a new beer is an awesome experience for any beer drinker, but going to the liquor store every weekend and buying a new twelve pack that you’ve never tried before can get pretty expensive, especially if you get one that you don’t like.

The perfect solution is a membership into the Beer of the Month Club. With the Beer of the Month Club you, or the beer lover on your gift list, gets a twelve pack delivered right to your door every month with four new and exciting varieties to try out. That gives you the opportunity to try all of the latest and greatest micro brewed sensations from all over the country without ever having to go to a store.

Christmas comes twelve times a year for the members of the Beer of the Month Club because every single month a brand new twelve pack of complete surprises containing the freshest and most exciting micro brews will show up at the door. You never know what brands or exciting new concoctions will be there until you open up the package.

Eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty of guessing which micro brews may be right for you, let the Beer of the Month Club pick out all of the top selections and send them right to your door for sampling. Don’t let beer drinking get boring and don’t feel limited by the selection at your local liquor store, try all of the best new beers from the top micro breweries in the country with a membership in the Beer of the Month Club.

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