The Beef Lovers CookBookIf you are looking for a cookbook filled with International dishes and one that you can use when you relocate to an Asian country, you should buy The Beef Lover's Cookbook. All the recipes can be made using ingredients that you can easily buy while you are in an Asian country, and with this cookbook, you will be able to make your favorite Roast Beef dish without having the headache of finding the ingredients.

The Beef Lover's Cookbook is sponsored by San Miguel Corporation, which is one of Asia's top 10 companies, and contains the most-sought recipes after International dishes like Italian Spaghetti, Beef Jerky, and Beef Patties that will allow you to create these fantastic dishes while keeping your food expense low. From appetizers to soups, main dishes to marinades, you would be serving the best of the East and the West by following any of the recipes in this cookbook.

There are old Spanish dishes that are nearly impossible to find including the real Estofado and Brain Fritters. One recipe in this book, which is the Assumption Meat recipe, which has been kept secret for nearly 75 years, has been revealed for you to enjoy. Imagine the taste of this secret recipe... thinly slices sirloin, marinated overnight, fried to golden brown perfection then simmered in the secret sauce that makes the whole house filled with the wonderful smell of a delicious pot filled with beef, onions, and garlic.

Meatloaf recipes galore and nearly all the beef recipes in the world, from standard to exotic, from pizzas to meat marinated in several different ways, including beer. This is the only one recipe book that has one every single page at least 3 different product sponsors, from brandy for your flambes, to cheese for your toppings, or fresh milk for the comfort food items like macaroni, and so much more. Get the best beef cookbook in the world that you can use anywhere you are in the globe. Taste and savor the new recipes and the most-loved dishes that you can easily create with your new Beef Lover's Cookbook.

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