OFWlogoThe OurFamilyWizard or OFW™ Website is a practical, handy and concrete resource to help organize shared parenting and responsibilities among divorced parents more efficiently. It goes beyond being a mere calendar for divorced couples, to include several comprehensive tools that can be utilized for keeping track of parenting time, custody schedules, shared information and expenses along with a host of other joint family communication functions.

The OFW™ can drastically reduce conflict between the two partners by helping them gain access to a shared tool that can schedule the entire parenting time apart from documenting details on the children’s health records, immunization, school performance, sports activities and several other crucial aspects.

The wizard can act as a resourceful tool in the court because every page on the website is stamped with details of the last time when parents accessed the page and every single entry can be conveniently viewed with information on who made the entry and the precise time at which it was made.

There are so many things one can do with this cooperative shared parenting site, including coordinate custody time and joint custody schedules, make amendments to parenting time, communicate with the other parent or even share the children’s holidays and activities schedule.

OurFamilyWizard website helps reduce the everyday stress of joint parenting by eliminating conflict along with improving and streamlining the lives of joint-custody children. In fact the judges in at least 35 states ordered warring parents to use the realistic and much needed software in contested cases to further reduce conflict.

Since the OFW™ software provides a crystal clear representation of parenting time arrangements and custody schedules there is no scope for conflict or confusion and the process of joint parenting becomes more streamlined, organized, secure and instantly accessible. You can even take a print out of any of the pages with a pre-formatted option. If you feel your co-parent is not as enthusiastic about the online communication tool as you are, there is also a feature that lets you complete the registration process on behalf of both the parents by buying your co-parent’s account.

Among other things it is ideal in situations that involve a harassing ex, blended families, long distance parenting, elder care, restraining orders and supervised visitation.

Started in 2001 as a divorce calendar, the OFW™ has gone way beyond its original avatar to evolve into a complete life management software for shared parenting.