Buffalo Tribute ProofWhether you are a numismatic (coin collector) or a simple lover of history, one great way of remembering history and appreciating the beauty of extremely rare, expensive or hard-to-find coins is to buy tribute proofs.  The original coins are often hard to find and are found mostly in museums. Not all coin collectors actually get to see these. In order to make this more available to the public, the National Collector's Mint has recreated these rare coins as tribute proofs. Between 1913 and 1938, the famous Buffalo nickel coin was minted and it's now available when you order the Buffalo Tribute Proof.

The Buffalo Tribute Proof recreates James Earle Fraser's American Buffalo on one side and his iconic Native American Indian Head done in relief on the other side. Done in .9999 fine 24-karat gold, it is not only a collector's item but is also a high-value investment considering that the price of gold has been increasing in the world market. Each Buffalo Tribute Proof comes with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity verifying that each piece is clad in 14 mgs. of pure 24 kt gold. A coin that has a limited circulation and bears this guarantee of authenticity immediately brings significantly added value to it. Own a piece of gold American History by getting your own Buffalo Tribute Proof. It will definitely be a great conversation piece during family gatherings as everyone gets to admire the fine, detailed design on both sides of the coin, discuss its history, and marvel at your owning such a limited collectible.

Buffalo Tribute Proof will be a wonderful addition to your other collectibles and will hold a special place of position in your display cabinet.

Order the Buffalo Tribute Proof HERE.