Auto Anything Car BraWhen you have a brand-new car or a favorite car that you really love to keep shiny, clean and well-maintained, you want to make sure it stays dirt-free and scratch-free. But when you are on the road a lot, road debris get caught up inside the nooks and crannies of your car. Not only do these dirt residue damage the car, they are sometimes too sticky and difficult to remove. And sometimes, in the process of removing those stubborn dirt marks, you could peel off part of your car's paint. When my husband finally bought his dream car, he went to ask his best friend how best to keep the car clean and easy to maintain. That was how we found out about the Auto Anything Car Bra.

The Auto Anything Car Bra is a protective material that fully covers the front of a car -- from the bumper to the leading edge of the hood. In our case, we ordered the Colgan Original Car Bra. It had a flannel lining that was paint-safe, guaranteeing that our car's paint would always be protected. It's surface is made of UV-resistant, 100% virgin vinyl which resists fading from sun exposure, heat shrinkage, or stiffness from the bitter winter cold. A flow-through screen over the car grille allows the car engine to breathe. The Auto Anything Car Bra is so snug that even at top speeds on a highway, you need not fear that it will start flapping. It fits over factory-fitted headlamps so you can open and close the hood without anything blocking it. It is easily washed and dried.

When you visit the link below to order the Auto Anything Car Bra, you get several assurances: its Lower Price Guarantee refunds you what you paid if you find a similar product at a lower price, free shipping, easy returns policy and prices up to 40% better than elsewhere.

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