dogIf you are stranded with a sick cat, a dog with an upset stomach or a vomiting puppy and your vet clinic/hospital is closed or it is extremely difficult to access your regular vet, what would you really do? Enter Dr. Marie, a popular name in small animal medicine for more than ten years, whose latest venture seeks to offer an instant online response and expert advice to any query about your pet’s health.

In the duration of her prolific career Dr. Marie has treated several complicated cases and has offered knowledgeable information to get many pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and mice back on their feet. The versatile lady is skilled in surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, medicine, orthopedic surgery and even Oncology.

The latest enterprise ‘ Ask A Vet Question’ was put together to assist pet owners to access more comprehensive and specialist information about their sick pet’s condition. It is an inexpensive way to help you decode your pet’s symptoms compared to costly vet services available in the market. ‘AskAVetQuestion.Com also helps in gathering a second opinion to the diagnosis by your regular vet or even when you have to take a call on whether your pet actually needs to be taken for a check-up to the vet.

Though the service does not substitute an in-person visit, it is still cost-effective and very handy if you want a quick solution for your pet’s discomfort. The nicest thing about ‘Ask A Vet Question’ is that you can keep communicating back and forth with the veterinarian, for no extra charge, till you are fully satisfied with the solution.

There are three options to pick from depending on the frequency at which you require the vet’s answers-the instant response option, the 24 hour response option and the 1 month unlimited email conversation with Dr. Marie option. Subscribers can also claim a full refund in the event that they aren’t happy with the solutions and ideas shared by the vet.