Are you always in a dilemma about finding just the right babysitter to take care of your young ones when you need to go out? Many times, it is doubly hard because you just don’t need a warm body to fill that need but you also need to be assured that the babysitter is one you can entrust your precious ones and your home to. There are many horror stories about babysitters not competent enough to handle very young kids and more. Well, those problems have been solved – by one who used to be a babysitter herself. Genevieve Thiers founded SitterCity in order to pool in one central place all the reliable babysitters in a city she could find so parents could meet the sitters and for the sitters to meet the parents in hope of finding the one that would match their needs as well.

SitterCity is really the easiest way to match parents with babysitters. SitterCity has over a million caregiver profiles nationwide. If your office needs to send you, for example, on a business trip, it is easier to go knowing you are leaving your precious kids in good hands. Even family vacations will be that much easier because someone can care for your pets or senior family members while you’re away. It’s not just babysitters and nannies that SitterCity provides. They can match you up with senior care providers, dog walkers, tutors and housekeepers! Finding the right caregiver is simple. Just post your job description. Several will respond and you can make a short list after sifting through the sitter profiles and their experiences. Other parents like you who use SitterCity may have left their reviews of the sitters so these will help you trim your list even further. All sitters must have had a background check. If one of the sitters you particularly like has not had one done, you can have one run through SitterCity’s partner LexisNexis for a small fee. You then do an in-person interview with the sitters on your short list, making sure you get a feel if they are a match with your needs.

You will be more productive at work and at peace when you are planning leisurely trips when you are assured that there is a SitterCity you can access and that their caregivers are selected after thorough checking.

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