Photographic print and slide digitization service

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    Sometimes, those old photographs and slides that we all have become a problem!

  • They are way too valuable to throw away, but are messy to store.
  • You would like to share these memories with friends and family, but you can’t, because there is only one original.
  • Maybe you’re in the middle of a divorce or probate, and these prized pictures have become an issue of contention.
  • Then there are the slides. Who’s got a slide projector these days?
  • Finally, you worry about preserving these memories, and can tell that they are fading. digitizes your photo prints or slides, and will return them to you along with a CD or DVD with the digital files of your photos. Simple. Safe. Effective! patent pending technology assures safe, high fidelity reproduction of your originals. Their process is automated, gentle, and 99% of the time, only the machines see your photo! The software detects and automatically corrects for age related photo fading in your digital copy, but does not attempt to fix physically damaged photographs. Sometimes, it is hard to tell the difference between intended artistic effects and damage, so they leave that up to you.

The price and technology is among the best in the industry! They offer quick turnaround, and no order is too large. Check out, Click Here! You’ll like what you see.

Testimonial (from website)
What a relief! My wife “borrowed” some old family photographs from her mother, and now mom wants them back, but my wife doesn’t want to send them back. For $100 everybody’s happy and it’s peaceful around here again! Thanks DpsDave!

*submitted review