Level up without needless grinding, have the ideal talent build, and have complete guides to quests and professions for “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm” with the in-game Zygor World of Warcraft Guides.

Zygor World of Warcraft Guides has redesigned their guides which include a newly designed minimalistic interface allowing you to switch between full or mini view modes depending on your preference — taking up less screen space.

The talent advisor of this guide also includes a built-in learn button which automatically distributes your talent points so you can have the ideal build for your class. The quest guides can be viewed either step-by-step or multiple steps at a time. You can switch between modes just with one click.

The guide also has a built-in waypoint arrow for finding the locations of specific quests, monsters, or items, thus reducing the need to download extra add-ons. Zygor World of Warcraft Guides also includes what is called the Smart Injection System (SIS). If you are using pre-leveled characters, Recruit-A-Friend, and Heirloom items, the guide will quickly look through your quest history and guide you from that point. It will also help you pick up any pre-quest needed for future main quests. It is also smart enough to adjust to your pace even if you are going faster than the guide by skipping ahead to more advanced quests.

Zygor World of Warcraft Guides works on all operating systems and also comes with free updates. They have a wide variety of profession guides as well. They also have a guide for the new Death Knight class, and a Food and Drink Stats guide too.

You can order the Alliance and Horde Leveling Elite Bundle, which includes 3 CDs per faction and also includes the full update for Cataclysm. You may also order them separately if you wish.

Zygor World of Warcraft Guides covers all aspects of the game from items, to professions, to classes, as well as leveling areas; and it is all built into the game so it is really easy and fun to use and can be used by both newbie players and experienced players. Own your very own guide now and enjoy playing the World of Warcraft even more.

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