Zombie Rush

Play zombie games online with the latest game! Zombie Rush is the shooting game that rewards you with money or electronic items as prizes. You can win up to $500, a PSP, or other great gadgets when you top the game! The site is free to join so you might want to play Zombie Rush right now.

Zombie Rush is a shooting game that requires you, the man with the quest, to find a certain item. As the game starts, you are in a darkened room. As you go forward with a gun, the zombies will start to appear. You have got to shoot them a number of times until they die or else if and when they get you, you will fail the level.

Zombie Rush is made more interesting because of items that you can pick up as you go about your dangerous quest. There items are scattered about as quest goes on. Of course, the more you pick up, the better.

When you get to kill a zombie, you get rewarded by a lump of money as the body disappears. Zombie Rush is a good shooting game and it may sound quite easy - but watch out when the zombies start attacking you from front and back!

Zombie Rush is highly recommended as you will be able to join the tournament and earn by playing games. The challenge is there and the real rewards are fantastic. Playing zombie games online can be gratifying but with this particular game, Zombie Rush, you have got to play your best as there is something special for you when you win!

Zombie Rush opens the door to you to play more games online for free. You have the option to join other game tournaments aside from Zombie Rush. You are surely going to like the fact that there are a lot of games to play that can make you win money or gadgets! Let the games begin! Play Zombie rush now.

Zombie Rush - play zombie games online