The World at WarHistory comes alive when you watch "The World At War". The DVD series of "The World At War" will bring you around the globe as you get to learn the in-depth truth about World War II. The documentary series, when it was created in 1973, reached record-breaking costs of the enormous amount of nearly a million pounds. With rare film footage, "The World At War" will transport you back in time to see what really transpired during this period. Find out and get to witness for yourself how the events came to pass.

The World At War Turning points"The World At War" is also known as the Turning Point as it gives you the most climactic moments that brought about the series of events which triggered and highlighted this war. In this DVD series. you will see the agony people endured under Nazi Germany and take a look at the devastation which occurred in Japan because of the nuclear holocaust plus find out about the little-known upsurge that transpired in North Africa, among other startling facts. "The World At War" Turning Point DVD Series will make you cry, cringe, mortified , and reveal to you the confessions of the assistant of the Reich's Heinrich Himmler, who was instrumental to the massacre of the Jews.

This set includes 3 DVD's and a bonus DVD giving you a total of 10 hours of footage unlike anything you have ever seen before. What you get when you buy this DVD set is the never-before released footage and interviews that were not shown when the series was aired on TV.This is not a movie; it is real life action, drama and espionage. Get your set of "The World At War", the most powerful documentary series as presented by Time-Life.

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