The wild Soccer BunchIf you didn’t already know, The Wild Soccer Bunch is a worldwide children's book phenomenon, having sold over 9 million books in 30 countries! Writer Joachim Masannek based the series on his own experiences as soccer coach to his young sons. Masannek's initial idea was to create a series of 13 books, each one narrated by a unique member of the team. This idea was inspired by his belief that soccer is the most inclusive of all team sports. Masannek said, "In soccer, every member of the team, regardless of his/her athletic ability, has an opportunity to be directly involved in the game. Everyone gets to run around, kick the ball, and enjoy their time outdoors."

Masannek could never have anticipated the huge success that followed the release of the debut book in the Wild Soccer Bunch series in Germany. Soon, this soccer dad’s artistic endeavor had millions of fans around the world, not to mention the wild success of book sales, films, and even merchandise. In fact, Masannek has written and directed five Wild Soccer Bunch feature films, breaking box office records in the process. These days, Masannek tours extensively, personally reading the books to underprivileged children.

If your child goes to bed wearing soccer cleats so they won’t miss one minute of field time in the morning, he or she will fall in love with the Wild Soccer Bunch. And even if he or she is not the world's biggest fan, the book's universal themes of teamwork, leadership, diversity, and self-acceptance will still make an impact, and maybe even get them out and kicking a ball around! Above all, the series is a fun read that will broaden the horizons of all kids, ages 8-14.

My interest in the series started when I was introduced to it in Europe. I’m a soccer fan, and I coached my three boys during the years.

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