Talent6 Talent Casting NetworkHave you always wanted to use your talent to make it big, do you sing or act or want to break into modeling? Many people have aspirations and the talent to be in the entertainment industry, but without the connections or the know-how it can be a very difficult field to break into.

There are lots of companies out there, who say that they can turn you into a star, but many of them don’t have the necessary connections to get you any work - Talent6 is different. With Talent 6 you can create a professional portfolio that will highlight you talents and experience to potential employers, plus you’ll get access to thousands of casting calls in your area where directors, produces and photographers are looking for someone with your talents.

With Talent 6 you’ll have access to other people in your area who are just breaking into the entertainment fields as well as seasoned professionals so you can develop a network of individuals that will help support you as your break into the entertainment field.

Talent6 offers you everything you need for a successful beginning to a career in the entertainment industry, whether you want to be an actor, a singer, a model or a dancer – all of the resources you need to achieve that goal will be right at your fingertips. Everyday casting directors are looking for people from all types of different backgrounds and all types of different talents - you could be the person they are looking for, but without having access to the casting call you could have missed a golden opportunity. Talent 6 will make sure that you have all of the resources necessary to begin your promising career, so that you start taking advantage of your talent and begin a fulfilling career that you will love.

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