Tired of the usual toys? Here comes Sticky Balls, a non-traditional toy that will keep many a creative person up for hours. At first glance, they look like a bunch of shiny balls but imagine adding in a magnetic factor. Leave them in the hands of a creative and imaginative child or adult and watch different shapes, sizes and forms come together before your very eyes. Things you didn’t imagine could be built, level by level, ball by ball, coming together to form something that can last a lifetime. Build pyramids, cubes, or anything that you imagined when you were little but people said couldn’t be built due to its odd form or shape. It’s magic straight out of the box.

Sticky Balls are also called “neodymium” or “rare earth” magnets. These magnets are ten times more powerful than the regular magnets you see around and are manufactured only in select facilities worldwide. Each ball has dual polarity, meaning each ball has both a positive and negative charge. If you put two balls together and they repel each other, you can just flip one of them and voila, they now stick together. By moving them here and there, you can create 2D and 3D shapes that are limited only by your imagination.


Imagine a toy that you don’t just get to play with; you can also display your artistic skills. Show off your imaginative, creative, out-of-this-world creations with Sticky Balls.

With just a bit of imagination and a bit of practice, anything is possible with Sticky Balls. Who knew magnets could bring so much fun when incorporated with such simple items? Each order comes with a travel case for those who want to take Sticky Balls along with them. It also comes with a shape maker for those who want to try to make much harder shapes that you didn’t imagine could be made. Each order also comes with a Hints and Tips Guide for those who may need a bit of help starting out. A mastery DVD makes it easier for those who want to become pros and pretend to be their own little architect and designer.

Get your very own Sticky Balls. Highly addictive, and definitely worth the price.