Statue of Liberty 3D PuzzleDo you get excited playing with jigsaw puzzles? Here is a new kind of puzzle that will provide hours and hours of concentrated fun with your family. The Statue of Liberty 3D Puzzle is an exciting new game you and your family will really enjoy doing together.

Puzzles have never been this challenging before. Ordinary jigsaw puzzles have 2D images on the cut-out-boards, but with the Statue of Liberty 3D Puzzle it challenges you to piece together one of the most famous tourist spots in the United States of America. The puzzle stands on a base of panels which you connect to each other without glue by following the numbering for easy assembly. A 3D puzzle means that you can see the front, back and side views of the puzzle. It is as if you were looking at the real Statue of Liberty on a smaller scale. There are two sizes of the Statue of Liberty 3D Puzzle. The 39-piece 3D puzzle stands 9.06 inches high, while the 950-piece 3D puzzle stands 30 inches high. All the puzzle pieces on the Statue of Liberty are made from strong construction material which are as good as museum-quality boards. This only means that the Statue of Liberty 3D Puzzle is a great souvenir gift for your relatives and friends who cannot personally visit this historic place. Children aged five and above will surely love doing this creative, learning project, but young children below five years old must be supervised.Your whole family can spend hours of bonding time putting this puzzle together.

Having a replica of the Statue of Liberty in the form of a Statue of Liberty 3D Puzzle is also a good conversational piece when your friends come around to visit. All of you will spend a lot of time admiring this and talking about how it was assembled. They are sure to want to get one of their own once they see what you did with it.

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