SprayzaCreating works of art for kids has acquired a new dimension with the Sprayza Airbrush System. These paint markers are so versatile, that a child will be delighted with the various options that they have with their new coloring materials. The Sprayza Airbrush System can be used to blow and splatter paint, as an ordinary coloring instrument, to stencil, and to create color blends.

The Sprayza tool is what holds the marker pen to magically turn it into an air brush paint sprayer. It's so easy to use, just place the pen into the tool, gently blow at the opened end and watch with awe as the color bursts out onto the paper. The nearer the tip tool is to the paper the more intense the color is and the further away the child is, the lighter the spray. The child can have an unlimited amount of color combinations and it's only limited by their imagination.

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Do you want to them to get to mix more colors easily? There are mini Blendy pens! The child chooses two colors, put one pen on each side of a fusion chamber, then twists then comes out a new color on the end of the lighter color.

If they're not sure about what to spray, this set comes with stencils in many variations for you to choose from. They will also act as an outline so create with lesser mistakes. They can easily make frames, borders, complete picture, and add little fancy art touches to any kind of paper that you want.

The Sprayza Airbrush System includes all of these things in one kit:

• 24 Sprayza pens
• 2 Sprayza tools
• 65 stencils
• 10 mini blendy pens
• 5 fusion chambers
• 1 instruction book

Kids can create greeting cards, stationary, posters, and awesome works of art, each and every one as unique as possible. They can take coloring to the max when by using the Sprayza Airbrush System. There's more than enough for two kids to enjoy. Get thet amazing Sprayza Airbrush System so that your kid shall have hours of fun coloring, develop their artistic skills, and expand their imagination.

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