Speakal-iPig-iPod-SpeakersWhen you are a true music fanatic you will want to make sure that you have all of the touches that will have you enjoying your music in style When you get yourself the Speakal iPig Speakers For iPod. These are a great touch and will have you listening to your music in a more fun and exciting way. If you love pugs, then this is a big added bonus. These speakers will produce a great quality sound while they help you to decorate in an exciting way. If you are a fun music lover then you won't want to pass up the chance of bringing fun and music together by using these speakers.

These pig looking speakers will have you rocking out in a very fun way. They are pink and shaped like a pig, this is a great way to show your love for music while you show your love for pigs! These speakers are Eco friendly and RoHS compliant. They also deliver 360 degrees worth of music so that you will be able to fill your entire room with the sounds that you want to hear. When you hear the quality of these speakers you will be very impressed.

The Speakal iPig Speakers For iPod are compatible with all iPods and dock connectors. They also have a total output of 25+ watts. There are five Speakers that are positioned for a maximum sound seperation and distribution along with tweeters. When you want to get some great speakers that have a personality of their own then you will want to make sure that you get the Speakal iPig Speakers For iPod. This is also a great gift for you to purchase for the music lover that you know that would appreciate unique pink pig speakers to go with their iPod.

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