Your high definition TV experience on the Sharp AQUOS LC60E88UN  X-Gen Panel TV will be one you will immensely enjoy each and every time with family and friends. You are getting a theater experience with all 60 inches of this high-performance LCD TV. With its full HD 1080p X-Gen Panel, the quality of the pictures on the TV are breathtakingly vibrant. This is one entertainment system that you’d love to have in your home.

Let’s begin with the exteriors: the Sharp AQUOS LC60E88UN  X-Gen Panel TV is enclosed in a piano black cabinet that exudes style and class combined with subtle recessed bottom-mounted speakers that create a surround effect even with just two speakers. You also get a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio with a 176-degree viewing angle. This gives you a clear view of the screen regardless of where you are in a room.

But there’s a lot more inside the Sharp AQUOS LC60E88UN  X-Gen Panel TV:

  • Optical Picture Control (OPC) – This feature automatically adjusts the TV’s brightness under different lighting conditions based on ambient light. It brightens the setting when bright light is streaming in through your windows and lowers the brightness when evening sets and lowers it even more in a pitch-dark room.
  • 240Hz Fine Motion Advanced – A unique algorithm is utilized so that images of fast-moving objects do not have sharp edges. By creating new images between gaps, the motion looks more fluid and smoother.
  • Built-in Tuners – ATSC/NTSC tuners can receive off-air broadcasts and digital cable QAM capability receives non-scrambled digital programming. Your TV is ready for both DTV and analog programming.
  • Connectivity – A standard 15-pin connects converts your TV into a PC monitor. It also comes with a USB port to allow you to view digital photos or play music in mp3 format.
  • Vyper Drive – This game mode, when activated, streamlines the signal so that transmission is 5 times faster than normal, eliminating any lag time between game console and TV.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The Sharp AQUOS LC60E88UN  X-Gen Panel TV was specifically designed to require fewer resources and use less energy.

Go with the brand that is known for excellence in TV viewing experience. With the Sharp AQUOS LC60E88UN  X-Gen Panel TV, you get the assurance of quality behind the brand plus awesome high definition viewing for the entire family.

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